Ventilated abrasive cloth disc

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Ventilated abrasive cloth discs are an excellent solution for industrial metal finishing, particularly for steel and aluminum. These discs are made with abrasive grains of aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and zirconium, which allow for a smooth and uniform finish on the worked surface.

The ventilation of the disc provides surface cooling during use, preventing the risk of overheating and increasing the disc’s lifespan. Thanks to their high efficiency and durability, ventilated abrasive cloth discs are widely used in many industrial applications, including mechanical part processing, removal of slag and oxidation on metal parts, and surface cleaning.

Furthermore, ventilated abrasive cloth discs are available in various abrasive grits to adapt to different finishing and metalworking needs. The most common grits are aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and zirconium, but other abrasive grits can also be found based on specific processing requirements.

Available grits

A/Very fine soft (400)
A/Very fine (320)
A/Fine (180-220)
A/Medium (120)
A/Coarse (60)

S/Very fine (320)
S/Fine (180-220)
S/Medium (100-120)
S/Coarse (60)

Z/Very fine (320)
Z/Fine (180-220)
Z/Medium (120)

Technical Data

Layers (number of sheets)

On request

Diameters (mm)

from 100 to 1040

Hole diameter (mm)

On request

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