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We are constantly aware of the growing needs of the automotive sector, which requires increasingly specific finishes to meet new market trends.

Most of the polishing concerns the processing of aluminum profiles, present in every external component of modern cars. For the first cleaning step, we offer sisal tela discs, while for the final polishing, natural or groomed cotton discs are proposed, depending on the desired finish.

For aluminum alloy wheels, mechanically polished by robots, we offer resin-bonded sisal discs and sisal discs for the most aggressive processing, up to the final polishing using soft cotton discs.

In addition, we can shape our discs according to the shape of the profile to be polished, ensuring precise and targeted results.

Our range of products also includes special abrasive compounds and emulsions specially designed for the automotive sector, able to satisfy the most specific needs and ensure high-quality results.

Are you interested in our abrasive discs and compounds for finishing products in this industry?