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Fraid Dischi offers a wide range of discs for finishing and polishing handles, components, and accessories for bathroom furniture. Thanks to their experience in the sector, the company can provide discs suitable for both manual and robotic processing.

Quilted and pleated cotton discs combined with abrasive compounds and emulsions are ideal for final cleaning and polishing, ensuring high-quality results. The buffing and grinding are the first steps that the raw handles and rosettes undergo, but thanks to Fraid Dischi’s discs, these components can be transformed into high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and wear-resistant products.

The quality of Fraid Dischi’s finishing and polishing discs makes them the ideal choice for companies in the handle and bathroom furniture sector who want to achieve impeccable results. Contact Fraid Dischi for more information on the range of products available and to find the best solution for your processing needs.

Are you interested in our abrasive discs and compounds for finishing products in this industry?