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Tradition and Innovation

In 1958, FRAID DISCHI, founded by Luciano Raineri, started producing discs for metal cleaning in a warehouse under his home in Sabbio Chiese, Brescia, using fabrics derived from military clothing and second-choice cotton purchased by weight. The production was manual, and the discs were used for roughing and finishing metals with artisanal machines.

In 1985, Giuseppe Raineri, the current CEO, took over the company, and FRAID DISCHI expanded its market by producing a wider range of metal treatment products and acquiring new national and international clients.

The growth has been constant and steady, fueled by the development of new abrasive products for automation and robotization and the purchase of new machinery and equipment to complete the range of production of metal surface treatment articles.

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Our Mission

We want to ensure our customers specific advice on production optimization and guarantee the production of discs according to the real needs of each company in relation to the market it covers and the resources it possesses.

We strive with all our energies to satisfy each individual customer, collecting suggestions and indications from them to create a product perfectly compatible with the client’s needs.

Our company seeks not to limit its expansion. This characteristic has allowed us to grow by expanding the Sabbio Chiese plant and increasing the “Fraid Dischi family” with new personnel and cutting-edge machinery necessary for the production of new discs for metal levelling and roughing.

Why choose us



Every disc produced is the result of a mix of artisanal expertise typical of the province of Brescia and Val Sabbia, innovation and tradition handed down from father to son since the 1960s



We find the best solutions by creating new types of discs for metal roughing and grinding. Continuous expansion into new markets through new commercial partnerships



The invasion of the market by low-cost abrasive products stimulates us to produce, thanks to Italian artisanal knowledge, discs and abrasive compounds Made in Italy made with selected raw materials at competitive prices