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If you are looking for polishing discs for cutlery and kitchen accessories, we have the perfect solution for you. Located in an area renowned worldwide for the production of cutlery items, Fraid Dischi has gained extensive experience in manufacturing polishing discs for cutlery.

For cleaning cutlery items, we recommend using small, ventilated discs made of resin-coated sisal cotton, capable of removing stains and impurities. For the final polishing step, we recommend using ventilated discs with soft cotton and polishing abrasive compounds, capable of imparting the desired shine to the cutlery.

Rely on our experience and the quality of our products to achieve high-level results in the polishing of your cutlery and kitchen accessories. Our discs are ideal for cleaning and polishing all types of cutlery, ensuring a perfect finish and lasting shine.

Are you interested in our abrasive discs and compounds for finishing products in this industry?