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If you’re looking for polishing discs for faucets, Fraid Dischi has the ideal solution for you. We are a company specialized in the production of discs for cleaning and polishing faucets, with years of experience in the industry.

We understand that polishing faucets requires special attention to achieve a perfect finish and long-lasting shine. For this reason, we offer quilted and pleated cotton discs, ideal for both manual and robotic processes.

In addition, we also provide contact wheels for grinding operations and specific discs to prevent the formation of residues during electroplating, ensuring complete and defect-free polishing.

Rely on the quality of our products to achieve excellent results in the polishing of your faucets. With Fraid Dischi, you will have access to high-quality discs, perfect for cleaning and polishing all types of faucets.

Are you interested in our abrasive discs and compounds for finishing products in this industry?